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Shoe Care Kit Deluxe
Shoe Care Kit Deluxe

3 299 kr

3 989 kr Sale

This is the most exclusive and extensive shoe care kit that we offer here at Herrstil. This is a kit for the connoisseur with an appreciation for detail. The products included in this kit will be more than useful when caring for your shoes as well as making you wardrobe or hallway look dashing with the engraved valet box and shoe trees.

Shoe brushes with bristles made of 100% horsehair to remove dirt and dust particles from the shoes.

Saphir Créme Pommadier and Saphir Pâte de Luxe will restore the color of the shoes and give them a good shine if working it in properly. The Créme Renovateur is the perfect cream for conditioning leather that is starting to dry. It is considered by many shoe aficionados as the best and most versatile shoe care product in the world. The polishing mitt comes in handy while travelling or to use in the morning for buffing up a shine and remove dust and dirt. 


It includes the following:

  • 2 pairs of Engraved Shoe Trees Premium - sizes 36-46
  • Engraved Valet Box in either Cherry or Walnut
  • 2 Large Shoe Care Brushes - bristles in light or dark color
  • 2 Small Shoe Care Brushes - bristles in light or dark color
  • 4 Application Brushes - bristles in light or dark color
  • 3 Saphir Crème Pommadier - black/neutral/light brown/middle brown/dark brown/cognac /burgundy
  • 3 Saphir Pâte de Luxe -black/neutral/light brown/middle brown/dark brown
  • 1 Saphir Crème Renovateur
  • Polishing Mitt
  •  2 Polishing Cloths

You save 590kr compared to buying all the products separately. 

The time of the delivery can be delayed a couple of days when purchasing engraved shoe trees. 

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