Medium Engraved Hanger Pack

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The medium hanger pack in cedar includes eight hangers in total; two Premium hangers, four standard hangers and two trouser hangers. 

This hanger is ideal for an entire suit with its length and shoulder depth which provides the hanger with the tools to maintain and look after the most precious pieces in the wardrobe. Just underneath the shoulder part of the hanger there is a hanger for the trousers, that both ensures that the trousers stay on the hanger but also makes sure that the folds on the trousers are maintained.
Length: 46cm
Shoulder depth: 6cm

The standard hanger is a very versatile hanger that works well with both dressed shirts and lighter jumpers, but also perfect for a jacket or blazer. With a slightly thinner shoulder depth the hanger takes smaller place in the wardrobe and thus is perfect for a wardrobe with many clothes.
Length: 42cm
Shoulder depth: 4,5cm

The trouser hanger is perfect for the occasion where the wardrobe has an almost equal amount of trousers as jumpers and shirts. With the slim design it barley takes any place but at the same time helps the trousers to keep their neat folds.
It can also be used as a hanger for ties, which makes it versatile and very useful.
Length: 30cm

All the hangers are in red American cedar, which equips them with the right attributes in order to absorb the moisture that appears in damp clothes and at the same time brings fresh air and fragrance to the wardrobe.



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