Ludvig Mixed 5-pack
Ludvig Mixed 5-pack

599 kr

Our premium sock is made in merino wool by our dedicated factory in Portugal with an extreme eye for detail and a precision second to none. The very unique function with the merino wool is that it changes its character depending on the outside temperature: if the climate is warm the sock will be of a cooling nature and vice versa, if its cold outside the sock will make sure to keep your toes warm. The fantastic quality of the merino wool will not only be very comfortable, it will also ensure that the socks will be durable day after day, year after year.

The way the sock changes character depending on the temperature is also very good for your shoes as it protects them from getting moist after wearing them the whole day. This material is truly amazing and the socks will treat your feet with the dignity they deserve and ensure comfort every single day to every single occasion.

This mix it yourself pack gives you the possibility to pick the colours you want. First choose you size for the whole pack and then choose which colours you want under the tab "Product Customization"!

We have these sizes: EU 40/41, 42/43 and 44/45, and in UK 6,5/7, 8/9 and 10/11.

The wool socks are recommended to be washed in 30 degrees. 

Size 42-43 in burgundy are SOLD OUT for the moment but will be back soon again!

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