Taking care of Nubuck

In this guide we are demonstrating how to take care of nubuck. The shoes in this guide are a pair of sneakers in nubuck from Common Projects.


1. Start with removing the laces, then insert shoe trees. Shoe trees stretches out any wrinkles, which makes it easier to treat the whole surface of the shoe.

2. Use a suede brush to remove dirt.

3. Use Saphir’s Gommadin to remove bigger stains and spots of dirt.

4. Apply Saphir’s Suede Shampoo with a piece of cloth or sponge. Use the little brush which is included in the product to scrub the surface to make the shampoo foam. Let the shoe dry with shoe trees inside until they are completely dry.

5. Use Saphir’s Suede & Nubuck Spray to make the shoes water resistant, it also prevents them from getting stained. 

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