Unlike many other sorts of wood, cedar is not just pretty to look at, but has alot of fantastic qualities for both shoe and clothing care. There are several reasons why we at Herrstil has chosen to manufacture large parts of our tree products in cedar:

Cedar contains thujapliciner, a rot and fungal preventing substance that keeps the wood fresh for up to 50 years without treatmeant.

As most of you might know, cedar has a naturally stimulating and fresh scent, that’s often used in both perfume aswell as detergent. In addition to smell good, the scents also keeps pests and insects away, making cedar the perfect wood to have in your closet. Preferably in the form of hangers, but also as cedar hang ups or cedar rings to avoid moth-eaten clothes resulting in expensive costs at your tailor. If you feel that the scent has decreased over time, you can use a fine-grained sandpaper and gently brush the surface to recover the scent.

Ceder also has the fantastic ability to absorb moisture, making it the perfect shoe tree material. Wether you have been sweating alot on a hot day, or accidentally stepped in a puddle, you can trust that the cedar wood will absorb the moist and speed up the recovery time for your shoes.

At Herrstil you’ll find lots of cedar tree products that freshens up your closet, or simplifies your shoe care routin.