The Story Behind Goodyear Welted

You've probably heard it before: Goodyear Welted shoes. A familiar term to most shoe nerds. But what does it really mean? What is Goodyear Welted shoes and what are the benefits?

 The year is 1869. Charles Goodyear Jr. has just met a man named James Hanan. James is a shoemaker in New York and has just shown Charles a new sewing machine thats different from all the others on the market.

 The machine made it possible to sew the shoes upper with the insole, without having to attach the undersole with the same stiching. In other words, you could make a smart, well-made shoe with the help of a machine, and not only by hand.

 Charles Goodyear made sure to quickly patent the machine, and started writing a new chapter in the history of men's shoes. Due to the electrification during the late 1800s, Goodyears machine became number one on the market, both when it came to results and efficency. Manufacturers from all over the world streamed across the Atlantic to learn the new method, and the welted construction is to this day, still considered to be one of the most exclusive manufacturing methods for mens shoes.

 Goodyear welted has many advantages, but generally we tend to talk mostly about the increased water resistance and how easy it is to replace the undersole. The term ”welted” comes from the leather strip thats used during the manufacturing process to attach the upper, insole and undersole with each other. The upper and the insole is attached with the same stitching to the welt, while the undersole has its own stitches. Therefore making it possible to replace the undersole without damaging the upper or the insole (see picture). The welt also seals the stitching and minimizes the risk of water sipping through the seams.


Goodyear Welted Construction


In late October, Herrstil will launch its own shoe brand Myrqvist Goodyear Welted.
By cutting out all middlemen, we will offer Goodyear Welted shoes with the same production standard as the big brands on the market, but for a much better price.


Stay tuned!