Taking care of your leather shoes

In this guide we are demonstrating how to take care of leather shoes on regular a regular basis. We recommend repeating this process after five to ten times of shoe usage. In the video you can see the entire process step by step. 


1. Start with removing any laces, and then insert shoe trees. Shoe trees stretches out wrinkles in the leather, so that it is easier to treat the entire surface of the leather.


2. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt. For stains and dried mud, use a damp cloth but allow the shoes to dry for at least 10 minutes before next step.


3. Moisturise the leather by applying a thinner and moisturising cream. We recommend using Saphir Renovateur, which is an uncoloured and thin cream that can be fully absorbed and renourished the leather. Use an application brush and focus on the most exposed areas of the leather; toe, heel and wrinkles. Do not forget the undersole, which is the most exposed part of the shoe and dries out easily.

4. Leave the shoes to dry and absorb the cream for at least 30 minutes, then use a stiffer brush to remove any excess cream.


5. Create a protecting and shining surface by applying shoe wax. We use Saphir Pâte de Luxe. Wrap a cotton cloth around your fingers and use small circular gestures when applying the wax. A drop of water can be added for extra shine.


6 Start polishing the shoes by using a brush with stiff bristles, and then a polishing mitt or cloth. For extra shine, use a nylon stocking.


7. Repeat step 5 & 6 to two to three times to build up a layer with even more shine.


8. If you have visible scratches on your shoes, use Saphir Pommadier between step 4 and 5. Select a colour that closely matches the colour of the leather and be cautious with pommadier, since it has a high concentration colour pigment. Over using pommadier may result in layers of colour that get stuck around the welt and wrinkles.


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